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CFS Live NEWS ...

Monday 04.10.2023
Text Messenger Feature Discontinued   Unfortunately, due to actions taken by the cellular networks to reduce spam via test messaging, we will no longer be able to continue to use our SMS service provider to send text messages. We recommend using the Emailer to send communications to your members in lieu of the Text Messenger. We apologize for the inconvience.

Thursday 11.27.2022 at 8 PM MST
Server Maintenance: Site Down 50 to 60 minutes   We will be applying the latest Critical Windows Updates & security patches which will require our server to be rebooted multiple times. This maintenance will be performed at 8 PM MST.

Thursday 12.02.2021
Enhanced Feature: Emailable Contribution Reports   There are two new report buttons on the Contributions tab. Email Annual Contribution Receipt and Email Individual Contribution Sum. These buttons work the same way as their respective reports but instead of generating a pdf document, an email is creating and sent to the household's email address.
Tip: Send one to yourself to see how it works and make sure you verify your contributor's email addresses.

Monday 01.04.2021
Enhanced Feature: New Directory Report   This report will be the same at the Household Directory w/Phone but also include the cell and email for every member of the household.

IMPORTANT Upcoming Change in January 2021
Text Messenger: Price Adjustment
We have offered the Text Messenger as a free feature within the Membership feature but have found it necessary to begin passing on the cost of the service. This is how it will work: You will be charged $0.0075 per 160 character segment for each text message you send.
Example: a 100 character text sent to 200 members will cost $1.50.
We will only bill your account once a month for which you will receive an invoice and receipt. We are displaying the current month's balance on the Text Messenger feature so you can see what your current charges have accumulated to.

Thursday 06.20.2019
Enhanced Feature: Customizable Date Names   Now you can name each of the four dates in the membership to whatever you like. Log in and click the Preferences link and then click the General Preferences tab. Modify the date names as desired and then click the Save General Preferences button to save.

Thursday 05.23.2019
Fixed Emailer Issue   We removed the text formatting tool from the Emailer because it was causing the email message to be formatted incorrectly.

Tuesday 05.15.2019
New Feature: iOS Mobile Attendance   Are you using or would you like to use an Attendance application on your iPhone or iPad? Besides our mobile friendly Mobile Attendance we also have an iOS Mobile Attendence application. Open the App Store on your iPhone or iPad and search for CFS Live.

Tuesday 05.15.2019
New Feature: iOS Guest Register   Are you using or would you like to use a Guest Register application at your welcome center? Besides our mobile friendly Guest Register we also have an iOS Guest Register application. Open the App Store on your iPad and search for CFS Live.

Tuesday 01.29.2019
New Feature: Login Help   We have added the Forgot my Username or Password feature to the Member Access page. Please note that if you use the same email address for multiple accounts that you will be prompted to select the account.

Friday 12.14.2018
Feature Improvement: Text Messenger   We have switched our text messaging provider to a more reliable service. Please have your members add the phone number 12196008865 to their contacts using your church name. If they reply to the text they will get an automated message. In the future we hope to offer each church a number that their members will be able to reply to.

Friday 12.07.2018
New Feature: Fund Entry Search   Now you can search your fund entries by selecting the Search option in the Filter which defaults to 3 Months of Entries. While in search mode you can still use all of the Fund Account functionality to edit and add transactions.

Friday 03.29.2018
NEW GUEST FRIENDLY GUEST REGISTER   Log in to the new guest register at Guest Register. The instruction are on the login page.

Monday 03.12.2018
We have added the ability to display a banner instead of your church name at the top of the CFS Live site. This will also be used on the NEW Guest Register that will be released soon.
There are two settings in the Preferences for this. One is to upload your logo and the second is to set the background color. To update these settings please login and and click the Preferences link at the top of the page. Select the General tab where you will find these settings on the left.

Welcome to the NEW CFS Live login page. We promised that we wouldn't change our program just for the sake of change and we are holding to that. We are going to be adding some mobile friendly features to CFS Live and this new login page will help us accommodate that. When you log in today you will be greeted by the same program that you are used to seeing and that will not change.

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