Intuitive, All-in-One Church Management

CFS Live provides comprehensive church management for churches of any size. We make it easy to be proactive about your guests and membership.

Affordably Priced

As little as $6.95 per Month

  • Unlimited Households
  • Unlimited Users
  • Only Subscribe to the Features You Need

Membership & Contributions
$6.95/Mth ... $79.95/Yr
Attendance & Guest Tracker
$1.95/Mth ... $21.95/Yr
Scheduling & Calendar
$1.95/Mth ... $21.95/Yr
Fund Accounting
$3.95/Mth ... $44.95/Yr
Church Pledges
$3.95/Mth ... $44.95/Yr
Payroll - Free

Trial Includes Every Feature

All of the information entered during your trial will be available when you subscribe.

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  • CFS Live is formatted for use on a tablet or larger format.
  • this sample church file is availble to everyone therefore Easy Software Solutions can not be responsible for the information contained therein!

Guest Register and Attendance Mobile Ready!

Open this link in your mobile browser and create a button on your home screen ...
Mobile Guest Register

Open this link in your mobile browser and create a button on your home screen ...
Mobile Attendance


  • A simple approach to data entry!
  • Ultimate Accessability!
  • Risk Free!
  • Reasonably Priced!
  • Safe and Secure!
  • Responsive Technical Support!


  • Membership & Contributions
  • Email
  • Attendance with Automated Notifications
  • Scheduling and Ministry Manager
  • Fund Accounting
  • Church Pledges
  • FREE Payroll and more ...


  • Simple and intuitive layout
  • Features offer step by step flow
  • Simple Contribution entry and reporting


  • Access anywhere and anytime
    (Internet Required)
  • All data in one location
  • Simultaneous multiple user access


  • Test CFS Live with a live demo
  • No Credit Card 30 day trial
  • Cancel at anytime


  • Secure data transfer
  • Password protected limited access
  • Daily backup of data on the host server
  • Download data for personal safekeeping

Testimonies ...

'Do not let the price of this program fool you, It is a beast and it will work great for your ministry. Try it and you will love it. It is powerful, yet simple to use. WOW!'
-Pastor A. Jones
'Excellent program! A++++++! God bless you.'
-Pastor C. Frias, GA
'Excellent value for the amount of information and ease of use.'
-Pastor M. Cluster, PA
'Thanks for all you do for us!!! The seed you have sown into our ministry with this software is a blessing for us. God sees and he will reward you for your good deed.'
-Pastor A. Jones, GA
'I think this is an excellent program for smaller Churches! It has everything that we need. It's simple to use and it's priced right. You can tell that it was well thought out.'
'Very happy with the overall functionality of the application. I would highly recommend CFS Live to any church administration.'
-Pastor K. Schramm, PA
'We are so HAPPY with the CFS Live system!! Easy to use, super quick to fix an entry, and reports for every need. Thank you Bro. Ken for listening to our needs and making it happen!! Very affordable- I highly recommend this system.'
-S. Shepard, GA

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